Thinking Unconstrained

A glimpse of things to come. Let's find our footing and have a look around.
By 9000 XP
First thing's first. Let's all take a deep breath and congratulate ourselves on getting this far. Because it certainly wasn't easy. In the face of utter darkness set before us, we managed to pull through in our own way and we did eventually find each other on the other side, albeit in a tremendously unconventional and unexpected manner. The important thing is that we're here now and that we withstood the onslaught of the largest and the most ambitious attempt at enslaving human kind by those who are quite frankly, demented. Yes, we can with all confidence state that madness has become common place in a mad world, and the gravity of that situation is far more pressing than ever. And while we would like to believe that the madness that inhabit these broken and twisted minds can be mended or retrieved, we also realize that it is not always possible to break through the walls and the fail safes to prevent such attempts. Nor does the refusal of the multitude of the fear-driven to acknowledge the unfortunate situation help the matter. But this is the situation we find ourselves in and it is our common point of reference from which to start our journey. Or if you prefer, "we're in this together", to borrow the eye-rolling and gimmicky words of the textbook psychos.

Indeed, those who are on the other side of the fence and could not make it to the right side of history are also a part of us. And we need to continue to encourage them to break through the mental conditioning by approaching them with patience, as you would with a victim of trauma and severe indoctrination. To rush through and to force this upon anyone would be a frighteningly earth-shattering and reality-destroying experience, as I'm sure you can understand. They need time to process and to undo the knots in their emotionally invested mental pathways, which is ironically enough something we do not have much to spare at this current juncture. But we must do what we can by maneuvering them to ask themselves their own questions, entice and heighten their curiosity and their desire for answers, and encourage them to go through the process of thinking and reasoning their positions. Their own willingness to search for the truth will get them to reevaluate their world view in a critical way, and they will eventually speak openly when they are ready to do so.

As for the enemy, we know that there have been many setbacks. Their plans and their maneuvers at enslavement have certainly been thwarted on multiple fronts, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to operate through the regular channels of central command; for large and heavily equipped organizations require time and effort to shift directions and their ranks are as treacherous and as self-interested as they are. Internal strife is to be expected as blame and accusations of incompetence fracture their unity. But this does not mean that it cannot recover from its wounds, and while its pride may be hurt, it will not stop until victory is achieved. As long as the insanity is allowed to continue, it will not halt its advance. Fear will not allow this run-away train to change its course from the set track of systematically assured destruction.

Which brings us to our side, our position, and our relationship. In contrast to the structure of the opposing offensive, we do not have ranks as the enemy does, nor do we have the types of weapons the enemy insists on using against us. We do not have the ability to centralize nor the inclination to do so. And we do not have the trust of the captured to rely on for support. These are of course seen as weaknesses by both ourselves and the enemy, but my position is that they can be our strengths in this asymmetric and all-encompassing fight for our survival, if we so choose them to be.

Firstly, it is not possible to centrally command billions of thinking individuals in the world as long as we retain our individuality. This makes us question, to demand explanations for understanding, and to insist that we make the decisions for ourselves, and to not simply go along with whatever a Fairy Godfather proclaims is best with the magic waving of its Il Douche. It is to acknowledge that we are a union of sovereigns, who rule ourselves and our realm, and that we in a mutually beneficial alliance choose to protect our domain and our way of life against all perpetrators and violators. We are intelligent and wise, and we take council from those we trust against the aspects of the enemy who would place themselves in both direct and indirect opposition to us. These foes on the battlefield are fought using different methods to those who operate on entirely different terrain and circumstances. For in this war, there is no one-size fits all, there is no single enemy of one kind to defeat, and there is no such thing as a partial and a good enough victory while the battles rage elsewhere. Therefore, support your fellow sovereigns in their fight and assist as you are able, and do not tear them down and risk becoming an unwitting asset of the enemy. Keep a unified front and treat your differences as you would in a friendly competition and rivalry. Your quarrels and your bickering ought to remain private, and your dirty laundry should be aired behind closed doors, where they naturally belong.

Secondly, it is easy and desirable for the enemy to have us pick a weapon that it prefers for us to use. As Goliath challenges, thinking that it can best any warrior with its implements of carnage, it is the shepherd David who approaches it with a boy's slingshot. This small and most unlikeliest of weapons was used against the colossus to bring it down with a single strike. We must also likewise pick the tools of our choice for the battles we engage in. Otherwise we would only be operating at a severe disadvantage. Similarly, the tactics we use must suit our tools and our talents rather than playing by the rules of the enemy. If the enemy insists on engaging in an open field, then we must draw it into the forest. If the enemy is heavily burdened with organizational expenses, then we must allow it to exhaust it. If the enemy is keen on terrorizing, then we must allow the teeth and the bloody trap to be seen by all to bare. It must become blatantly obvious to the most cloudy of minds that they are all cowards at heart, and that they are nothing without their shackled chain of brown nosers to do their bidding. And by weakening those restraints, these shaitan smeared noses might pull out of the crevices smirking in front of them, to breathe in the fresh air once more, and to smell which way the wind truly does blow.

Thirdly, the programming of the life-indoctrinated cannot be undone overnight so it is unreasonable to expect them to recognize the enemy after a brief encounter. The brain-washing machines are powerful, they are formulaically curated and targeted to an enormous extent, and our innate desire to live in a comfortable enclosure is a great hindrance to realizing the truth of the constraints. But these factors have also lost their potency in recent times thanks to the tireless efforts of many, through innovative and clever methods, effectively using the tools and the means available at hand. Through consistency and persistent persuasion, we can be assured that many of those who search about in the dark will sooner or later break through the conditioning with much emotional torment. How that process is handled depends entirely on the individual and we cannot expect it to be uniform across the board. But we do also need to keep in mind that there is a tendency for the sleep-walkers to put on a uniform conveniently presented before them and to shackle themselves to yet another indoctrination system. Therefore it is the leadership who have the clout and the experience in such matters to guide the drowsy out of bed and for them to follow the battle plan for the battles you engage in. They are your responsibility and we expect you to take this matter of trust seriously. Look after them, come to the aid of those who call on you and work together. As a team, be nimble, quick, and modular, and be ready to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Become impossible to rout.

So in light of all that has transpired, I ask you. Are you ready to win this yet? Do you realize what that would mean? Do you understand what a glorious future awaits you beyond this wall? Destiny is calling you to victory. I suggest you answer with an affirmative. Because a chance like this will never arrive again if you tuck your tail between your legs now and crawl into the nearest hole for a safe withdrawal. Sense the enemy glowering at your audacity; frustrated by your incooperation; swiftly running out of its plans and contingencies stored away in its neatly and alphabetically labelled envelopes. We will win this. This much is certain. Once these pompous, self-righteous, boobs jiggle out of the way, life will get back to normal as is meant for human beings. And that is the primary condition for our victory. We stay, they go. This is for Homme.